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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you guys ship to?

We ship domestically to addresses within Australia and New Zealand only. For those outside Australia and New Zealand interested in our products, sit tight as we are working on a solution for you very soon!

How long does shipping take?

Orders from within Australia take 5-10 business days and New Zealand take 10-15 business days. We ship within 1 business day of your order being placed. Shipping time may vary depending on location, shipment method and other factors. 

How much does shipping cost?

Orders will be charged for shipping depending on your chosen delivery method & location. Full price will be displayed at checkout. 

Battery & Charging

How do you charge The PureIQ Bottle?

Our PureIQ bottles comes with a USB-A charging cable that you can plug into any USB-A compatible wall charger. Once plugged into a wall charger, simply connect the opposite end of the charger to the magnetic port located on top of the lid. See instruction manual for more information.

How long does the battery last after a full charge?

The PureIQ bottle has a built in Lithium Ion 400mAh battery which can standby for 3 months & last up to 7 days with regular use of a sterilization function. 

How do I check the battery status?

Tap the touch sensor on the lid once. The light ring will illuminate 1 of 3 colours:

Green light indicates >50% battery life

Orange light indicates 25%-49% battery life

Red light indicates <25% battery life

UVC Sterilisation

Is the UVC sterilisation technology powerful enough to treat water from freshwater streams?

Absolutely! The PureIQ bottle has 3 different modes. We recommend using the Intense Mode when drinking from sources such as freshwater ponds, lakes or streams. The bottle does not, however, rid water of any soil or other debris which is likely to be found in lakes or streams.

How does the sterilisation process work?

The PureIQ bottle uses a deep UVC light to the strength of 275 nanometres to sterilise your water and bottle. This strength of UVC light is proven to have maximum sterilisation capabilities - neautralising up to 99% of bacteria. Through recent development in UV LED technology, this special UVC light can now be produced without using toxic mercury.
When the UVC light enters the cell and destroys the active core, these cells will no longer be viable or active. Eventually, these dead cells convert into common components such as CO₂, water, and elements such as nitrogen & oxygen making your water safe to drink. 

Is the UVC sterilisation technology safe to use?

We use innovative non-toxic mercury free UVC LED sterilisation technology. This technology does not cause the user or environment any harm provided it is used in accordance with steps outlined in the user manual. Please read all safety instructions to avoid any misuse. 

How does it keep the bottle clean when not in use?

When the deep UVC light activates in IQ mode, it shines on the interior surface of the bottle to destroy mould & bacteria. This activates every 4 hours for a quick 20 second sterilisation. Once this process concludes a third time, your bottle will go into hibernation mode. This process will restart once a Normal or Intense Mode cycle is activated. Due to the IQ mode process, your bottle will never smell mouldy & you never have to worry about keeping your bottle clean.


Where can you use The PureIQ Bottle?

Anywhere - that's the beauty of it! Use it at the gym, on your hike, on your international travels. The bottle can be used anywhere, anytime as long as it follows the correct instructions as outlined in the user manual.

The LED light is hard to see in the sun. Is it broken?

Do not panic - your bottle is not broken! As like any device with an LED screen or light, it is always harder to see the LED light when exposed to the sun. Simply find some shade or use your hand to cover the light so you can see it. The light will be super strong indoors or in the shade. 

Do the products come with a warranty or guarantee?

Absolutely! All products come with a 12 month warranty against defects. Defects covered include: any leakage from the drink bottle, dysfunctional UV light & defective charger. For full Warranty & Guarantee policy please see the Warranty & Guarantee section in the website footer. 

I want to speak to someone from Fresh Hydration, who do I contact?

No problems! Please send your query to & someone will respond to you. Alternatively, click on the Contact Us button below & fill out the form.

I am a business & I am interested in selling your product. Do you offer wholesale?

We sure do! We are always on the lookout for businesses to partner with. Please send an email to for all enquiries regarding wholesale.