UVC LED Purification - why is it the best way to purify your water?

UVC LED Purification - why is it the best way to purify your water?

The idea of having access to clean or "pure" water is something we take for granted in today's society. Particularly those that live in developed countries around the world.

However, how "pure" really is your water? A majority of today’s sterilization systems actually still rely on chemical processes to eliminate, or at least reduce, the bacteria found in our water supply. Most water treatment centres around the world insert chlorine to do this. Depending on the level of chlorine used, it may also not be effective in preventing bacteria from reaching your tap. And as a result, you are consuming chlorine as well as the bacteria. Seems stupid, huh?

The Hidden Chemicals in Your Drinking Water

But this isn’t the only chemical found in your water that can cause harm to your health. Systems like germicidal lamps or traditional Ultraviolet (UV) sterilisers release mercury into the water supply as well.

The better, safer, and more reliable water sterilization processes use a UVC LED water purification system.

Being exposed to a UVC LED purification & sterilisation system, bacteria and other microorganisms in the water supply are killed without adding harmful agents. No different to how UV light is used to sterilise surfaces, air or utensils. 

And in terms of efficacy, research has shown that water treatment through a UVC LED purifying system can achieve proven & consistent sterilisation of 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria. All this without the need to consume chemicals or bacteria. Win win!  

Although UV water lamps aren’t new, they have typically been permanent or fixed structures in the home. Important recent advances in technology have enabled the development of a portable UV water sterilizing system. And most importantly it's lightweight, practical & built in to your drink bottle.

How we have changed the game! 

Manufacturers, like Fresh Hydration, have perfected a reusable bottle design through incorporating a UVC LED purification system in the drink bottle lid. Whether you're at home, in the office, overseas or in the outback, you can now sterilise your water anywhere, anytime. And not just your water - it is designed to sterilise & disinfect the inner surface of your bottle as well. Preventing the cumulative build of bacteria inside your bottle. Better yet, we have done it in a environmentally friendly & sustainable way. No harmful chemicals. No single use plastics. No replaceable filters - ever! 

This is why our PureIQ Bottle is Australia's Cleanest Drink Bottle & the drink bottle of choice for the Hike Australia team. 

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