Find out about the Fresh Hydration journey from an idea, to a concept & then to a product that you can enjoy!

The Fresh Hydration Story - through the eyes of our founder! 

An innovative concept born out of COVID lockdown. 

During 12 weeks of COVID related lockdown in Melbourne,  I exercised at the same sports oval everyday. There was a public drinking fountain at the sports complex that I used to use. However, this water had a really gross taste. Being extremely health conscious, this got me thinking why does this water taste so gross? What am I sticking in my body? I conducted some of my own research & what I found was disturbing. The main cause of bad tasting water was a high concentration of bacteria! Bacteria such as e-coli. This got my mind racing - what if there was something that could help me & others access safe, tasty & healthy drinking water anywhere, anytime? Could this something also be environmentally friendly & sustainable? At this moment, Fresh Hydration was born!

Our flagship product, The PureIQ Bottle, is designed to bring you the freshest, bacteria free water anywhere, anytime in a sustainable & environmentally friendly way. That means no expensive filters that need to be changed regularly & no harmful plastics.  If you like to go on runs, hikes or travel; or if you simply just want to be health conscious & get rid of the gross bacteria & smell coming out of your drink bottle, then this is the product for you. 

Love your water. Treat your body. Protect the planet. Jump on board the fresh life with me! 

Lachie Tosh - Founder, Fresh Hydration

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